• Nostalgia

    For the past few decades the soda tab has become an iconic symbol. Easily recognized, used almost daily, and something of Nostalgia. Growing up, I always remember lifting the soda tab up and down before it finally popped off. Normally they were done by alphabet. So when you lifted up the tab you would say "A". Then when you lowered the tab you would say "B". You would continue on down the alphabet until the tab broke off. If you were like me, you would hope they were broken off on the "initials" of a crush or significant other. You can now relive those memories with Solid Gold and .925 Silver Soda Tab Jewelry. Choose from White Gold, Yellow Gold, Pink Gold, or Silver, and Rhodium plated Soda Tabs. Mix and match to make the ultimate necklace, bracelet or accessory.

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