What is the cost of Shipping and how long does it take?
Shipping is Free on all orders!  Shipping takes 3-4 business days to arrive within the US. Rush delivery available. Worldwide delivery available. Click here to learn more about our shipping.

How big are SodaTabs?
The tabs are the same size as standard soda tabs.

How are people wearing the SodaTabs?
We have people adding them to necklaces, using them as charms on bracelets, and even using them on their key chains.

Do the Tabs come with a necklace or chain?
YES!! All tabs come with a matching 18 inch silver chain

What else comes with the Soda Tabs?
All Soda Tabs come with free jewelry boxes.

What are some other names for Soda Tabs?
Pop tabs, soda tops, pull tabs, can tabs.

Where can I read more about the history of Soda Tabs?
You can read more about the history of soda tabs here

Where can I learn more information about Soda Tab Statistics?
You can read more about Soda Tab Statistics here

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