About Us

To many it's just that; a tiny piece of metal that opens up aluminum cans. But to us, the soda tab is so much more. It's our gateway to the past. It's the cooling touch of a Coca-Cola in your hands after a long summer day at the beach. It's the refreshing sound of opening a Dr. Pepper at your tenth birthday party. It's the heart melting feeling you experienced as you found out the first letter of your crush's name by playing the tab game. It's all these things, and much more. It's a lifetime full of memories in a single soda tab.

Choose from White Gold, Yellow Gold, Pink Gold, or Silver, and Rhodium plated Soda Tabs. Mix and match to make the ultimate necklace, bracelet, or accessory and keep the memories alive.
Rose & Baume specializes in retro and pop culture nostalgia cast in solid gold and sterling silver.

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