• Soda Tabs Statistics

    Ermal Fraze created a pop tab that was quite different from the modern day soda tabs. It increased litter as it would pop all the way off and everyone threw it to the ground. Also, many kids would choke on the tab if it fell into the can. Due to all these factors, in the year 1962, Fraze came up with an improved soda tab that clung on the soda can. These soda tabs were similar to the present day soda can tabs. Now-a-days, all branded soda companies make use of soda tabs on their cans.

    Statistics of Soda Tabs:

    Soda tabs are made of 100% aluminum, which makes them valuable to the beverages companies. Hence, these tabs are collected by countless people (mostly kids) who later trade it for money, have it recycled or donate it for a good cause. Some people simply love collecting soda tabs while, few others create unique and amazing artwork using these tabs.

    Soda tabs are weighed to establish their value. However, their exact worth is determined based on the recycle value of the aluminum they contain. One pound of soda tabs is estimated to be around 57 cents while, one gallon of tabs (i.e. approximately 1,300 tabs) can be sold for 50 to 60 cents.

    You can recycle soda tabs for money at anyplace that purchases aluminum. You can also recycle the tabs at your neighboring recycling center. Recycled aluminum tabs are used to produce new cans. This decreases the amount of energy that is used to manufacture aluminum from bauxite ore. However, merely 3.2 percent of soda cans are recycled per year.

    Several charitable organizations collect soda can tabs and convert them into funds for charitable trust. Ronald McDonald House Charities is one such charity. They raise approximately $30,000 per year through their soda can tab program. Each American, on an average, drinks about 597 cans of soda in a year i.e. nearly 182,682,000,000 cans per year! With billions of soda tabs in circulation in the US, did you ever wonder how easy it can be to assist the charitable trusts or families in need?

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