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  • Sarah Cameron Soda Pull Tab Necklace From Outer Banks

    When Netflix premiered its latest teen drama, Outer Banks, it was an instant hit. The show that revolves around a treasure hunt on an island of the haves and have nots was just what COVID-19 quarantined audiences needed to indulge in. The well written script and the adventurous story were only enhanced by the insanely beautiful cast. When episode 10 ended in a cliffhanger, audiences couldn't wait to see if the show would be picked up for a second season.
    When Netflix announced that season 2 of OBX would begin streaming on July 30, 2021, the show became the most anticipated release of Netflix's summer lineup. Between seasons 1 and 2, the cast's popularity soared, with countless fans wanting to emulate the iconic beachy looks portrayed by the characters. One look, in particular, is proving to grab a lot of attention, and it is easy for anyone to add to their style.
    Sarah Cameron Soda Tab Necklace
    One of the necklaces that Sarah Cameron wears, portrayed by 24 year old Madelyn Cline, is very evocative of summertime nostalgia. It's a soda tab charm hanging from a delicate chain. For years, summertime adolescent crushes have been marked by reciting the alphabet while working a soda tab off a can. If the tab popped off on your crush's initial, it was a sign of good luck, and you would wear the tab as a pendant with the hope of becoming a couple.
    The necklace worn by Sarah Cameron is more classy than a tin tab broken off from a can though. custom makes the highest quality soda tab charms in your choice of 14kt White, Yellow, and Rose Gold, or Solid .952 Sterling Silver.  Get in touch with some of your favorite childhood memories, or deck yourself out like Sarah Cameron with your own luxuriously affordable soda tab charm. Shop Now

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