I have worn the Soda Tab pendant quite a few times and have gotten quite a few compliments. The one that surprised me the most was my husband's. See, he would usually think a pendant as silly and nostalgic as the Soda Tabs to be a teenager's thing. But the first time he saw me wearing the Soda Tab he looked at it, smiled, and then looked me in the eye and said "That is a nice necklace. I like it." - Sofia from


"I love it-love it-love it! It's so simple and unique and just flat out cool. It's like I'm in school all over again and I don't have to worry about tests or homework or acne. Wear it and instantly people will notice it, who wouldn't? It's the tab of a can hanging around your neck but the kicker is it's actual jewelry and not aluminum! White gold, yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver are what the tabs are made out of and that's a vast improvement over the aluminum one's I wore around my neck back in the day. I've paired mine with a thin silver chain I have and I've been wearing it almost every day to work and I've had countless fellow employee's ask me about it and I just recently had a waitress ask me about this weekend when we were having dinner. We left her a tip and a web address for one of the funkiest pieces of jewelry around." - Susan from

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